Hi! I’m Sarah, a twenty-something Canadian living in Munich, Germany. I came here in 2016 to do my Master’s, and loved it so much that I’ve been here ever since.

I have a passion for the planet and love to spend my time outdoors – jogging, hiking, skiing, or just soaking up some sunshine. I also love everything to do with words and languages, whether it be reading, writing, or learning new ones.

On ‘Circular not Infinite’ I combine my passions for writing with my love for the planet by writing about environmental and economic issues that I believe deserve more thought.

Circular not infinite has two meanings: The first refers to our planet, the beautiful blue-green sphere that is circular, but not infinite. The second refers to a circular economy, in which manufacturers consider and are accountable for products throughout their full lifespan – from beginning to end. This vision for a circular, steady-state economy is proposed in place of a system favouring infinite, limitless growth.

I hope to offer inspiration, sustainability tips and tricks, and initiate important conversations about our planet!

Me with a lemon tree!