The river flows,
Not a care in the world
As to where it goes.

It bubbles and swirls
As it flows on by,
It dances and twirls,
Breathlessly spry.

It fills up the banks
Of nearby streams,
Awakening dreams
Of sleepers at its edge.

The sunlight gleams,
A child screams,
In delight,
as she splashes on through.

Oh to be just a drop,
Just a splash in the pail,
Just a piece of this
Miles-long thing.

For what is a river,
But part of an ocean,
But part of a lake,
Part of us.

A bridge of connection,
All droplets are one,
All droplets belong,
Like notes to a song.

For all life’s creations,
There’s no borders, no gates
No laws to be followed,
Save chemistry’s states.

So I watch as it flows,
Yet I can only see,
The tiny piece
In front of me.

The rest is a mystery,
Hidden behind a veil.
The beginning and the end
Of life’s great big water pail.

Do they exist at all,
A beginning and an end?
If all it is, is a circle,
A great big loopy bend?

I close my eyes
And dip in my toes,
And savour the feeling
As the water flows.