Today I brought my whole lunch in Tupperware and didn’t buy anything new – I therefore award myself +2 points for sustainability.

I did however eat my breakfast (yogurt) out of a plastic yogurt container with a foil and plastic lid: – 1 point for sustainability.

I rode my bike to work! + 1 point for sustainability

I drank out of a plastic water bottle at work: -1 point for sustainability.

I will recycle the yogurt container, and the water bottles will be picked up, cleaned and reused: +1 point for sustainability?

I just can’t commit to making my own yogurt at this point! It’s just too much to ask of a working girl isn’t it? But maybe next time I’ll buy the yogurt in the glass jar, which has a deposit on it and is collected back at the grocery store. (Or I’ll keep it to support the burgeoning jar collection for bulk food in my cupboard).

Sustainability score for Day 4: + 2

In the positives at least, but I think I can still do even better!