Brought my reusable stainless steel water bottle to work today – no more drinking out of plastic for this girl! +1

We made salad bowls together at work today, and I was assigned to bring feta cheese, so I did create some plastic packaging waste from the cheese. I’m not at a level yet where I’m going to make my own cheese or go to a specialty cheese shop with my own paper… So I will have to accept this small amount of waste generation for now. -1

Positively, I think that was the only waste I created all day! Dinner was aubergine with penne (plastic packaging, but it’s not empty so no waste yet) and tomato sauce from a glass jar that I look forward to keeping and reusing. I plan to buy my pasta from a cardboard box next time! (Or bulk!) +1

Impact score: I’ll give myself a +1. Not a bad day overall!