Started out my day strong, bringing my reusable water bottle to work again (+1 points). On the way to work I grabbed a Butterbreze from the bakery (i.e. buttered [soft] pretzel, it’s a normal breakfast in Germany, ok?), and handed over my reusable cloth bag, so no waste there: +1 points again!

For lunch, my colleague and I went to eat out and enjoy the sun on a patio. Unfortunately I’m not yet in the habit of carrying around containers for takeaway food/ leftovers, so I asked to have my pizza packed up when I couldn’t finish it. I then received my remaining pizza slices in aluminium foil. At least it wasn’t plastic or styrofoam, but still, -1 points for not yet having a reusable container for takeaway food. (Admittedly this might be kind of awkward to bust out while at lunch with colleagues.)

For dinner I ate the remaining slices of pizza, and put the aluminium foil in the recycling. Not sure whether this is really positive, but no waste appears to have been generated, and no plastic was used today.

Again, that leaves me with a score of +1. Not perfect, but not such a bad day.

P.S. Are these posts becoming boring?! Perhaps I’ll only continue to update on my low waste/ low plastic challenge if there’s an interesting development. I look forward to writing some deeper and more well-researched articles later this weekend when I have a bit more time. Until then, keep it sustainable my lovely readers! [ If you exist yet 😉 ]